Attack Of The Ghost Restaurants!

A "ghost restaurant" is a dining establishment that skips, well... running a restaurant.

Ghost restaurants run a kitchen, and ignore the rest of what makes a restaurant a restaurant, and delivery to customers via services like Grubhub, Seamless, UberEats, or custom apps. 

Over at Fast Company, I take a look at the world of ghost restaurants and see whether a delivery-only restaurant can succeed. Either way, the food's delicious.

@ R/GA: Virtual And Mixed Reality In The Workplace Report

My new report on workplace applications for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality is now live. I wrote the report for advertising agency R/GA, through their wonderful FutureVision publication, and it's an interesting take on where non-gaming uses of VR are going from here.

I tackle everything from using VR to treat phobias to augmented reality clothing to smart factories and employee training. Check it out and I hope you enjoy.

Introducing Almost Millions

Tens of millions of Americans work as 1099 employees--as freelancers, as independent contractors, as consultants, as permalancers, and as seasonal workers.

My new site, Almost Millions, is designed to help 1099ers and freelancers become better with money.

Check out a few of our sample posts:

...Or just read the Almost Millions Manifesto and get an idea of what we're up to, and what's coming up in the next few months.

You do the work, we help you learn how to make more money with the work you do. Deal?

A Fitbit For Dogs?

Over at Fast Company, I just published an exclusive on the American Kennel Club's new fitness tracker for dogs.

The smart dog collar, called Link, works with iOS and Android devices. It costs $199, and requires a monthly subscription fee in addition; features include activity tracking for dogs, information about the temperature in the rooms they are in, GPS/geo-location information so you can make sure your pets are being walked, and other information.

Interviewing Werner Herzog

I sat down with legendary director Werner Herzog for a two-part interview last week. The film, "Lo And Behold," is an amazing documentary that is well worth your time. A bit of an essay on technology and the internet, it includes everything from astrophysicists ruminating on the singularity to inventors of the self-driving car to parents of a deceased child who was bullied online.

Check out the interviews at these two links:

Does The Internet Dream About Itself? Werner Herzog Wants To Know

Exclusive: See A Clip From Werner Herzog's Tech Doc "Lo And Behold"