Did you know that Neal works as a consultant?

I'm a journalist who has spoken to rooms of thousands about the latest in tech innovation, and written for some of the world's best-known magazines.

I also love sharing expertise and helping organizations with their projects. My consulting services offer expert advice from an informed outsider that helps your amazing project become even better.


Click here for by-the-minute consulting on Clarity.fm for short-term projects. My $2.92/minute rate offers expert insight over the phone on your project without the need to set up a formal meeting or business relationship. It's quick, no fuss, and gets you the insights your organization needs right away.


GENERAL CONSULTING - Need assistance with branding, market positioning, or content strategy... or just a knowledgable sounding board with domain expertise who can offer valuable context and outside perspective? Let's talk.

GHOSTWRITING: I work with clients, including C-suite executives and pop culture figures, to make their thoughts and ideas translate into the written word awesomely. You supply the narrative and insight, and I provide the finished product. Services include books, email copy, magazine articles, blog posts, leadership content, and social media content.

WHITE PAPERS: I establish organizations as authoritative leaders on topics by creating white papers for clients. They can be based around case studies of previous products, or in-depth looks at aspects of your industry, and they are packed with knowledge (!) and fun to read (!!).

REPORTS: Do you need internal reports for your organization? Are you looking for outside analysis of your industry vertical, understanding of wider trends, or do you need to put internal data into a readable context? I am happy to work with your organization to build custom reports consisting of written material, charts/graphics, video, and even Powerpoint presentations as needed.

SURVEYS: I am experienced in both coming up with questions and targeting for surveys and making sense of survey data you already have. My skillset includes building optimal question sets, determining target audiences, defining audience segmentation, visualization of results, putting survey results in context, and building reports and presentations based on results.

WORKSHOPS: Need to coach your organization on best practices for marketing, science or technology journalism, or interested on outside perspectives on your industry? I will work with you to build custom workshops that make employees and customers satisfied.

Rates for hourly consulting range from $60-$120 per hour depending on the complexity of the project, and workshop prices start at $200 for a 45 minute 1 hour class. My goal is to give advice and services that let you make your money back at a minimum of 10x in new clients, earned media, paid media, and internal process improvement.

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