I've written for a number of other great publications on a variety of topics. Here's a sampling:

The Awl

Israel's Yuppie Revolt: A short guide to 2011's Israeli “social justice” protests, why Tel Avivians were jealous of the Arab Spring and about what happens when upwardly mobile professionals need their parents to help with rent.


Porcetta, Haggis and Padma: 16 hours spent at the Fancy Food Show, the world’s largest gourmet food trade show. Celebrity photo-ops, haggis potato chips and 2500 kinds of cheese… what’s not to love?

Budget Travel

Where It’s At (and When): A layperson’s guide to finding warehouse parties in Barcelona and Indian-style pizza in Oakland.


For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Begotten Theme Park: Connecticut's Holyland USA and the strange history of Roman Catholic theme parks in the United States.


The Laptop James Bonds: Inside the world of DIY intelligence analysts... and their blogs.

Foreign Policy

The Way To America’s Heart Is Through Its Stomach: How the gourmet food industry offers a chance for some of the world’s smallest countries to win American hearts and minds.


The Weird, Wild World Of Branded Slot Machines: How licensing fees for television shows became a mainstay of the casino industry.

Know Your Demo: Why Atlantic City's casinos intentionally target different age groups, ethnicities, and income levels.


When Rockets Hit Your Home: When you go to graduate school abroad, you assume you’ll have good stories when you return. Unfortunately, you’re sometimes right.

Life in the Tel Aviv Bubble: A guide to waiting out geopolitical conflicts via coffee, Cuban sandwiches and cognitive dissonance.

We Are All Converts: Reviewing Shlomo Sand’s ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’: One history- and anthropology-fascinated journalist vs. one controversial book that made the New York Times and the Israeli press freak out. Check.

Philadelphia City Paper

New Year’s in Beersheva: The best way to learn about the difference between Grad rockets and Katyushas is to have both of them fired at you.

Witout Borders: In which your humble correspondent tracks the cheesesteak to the furthest reaches of China and Eastern Europe.


Hybrid Power: The Iraqi-Israeli Sabich: Meet the best sandwich you've never eaten.


Hard Science, With a Twist: A guide to the best science-themed bar nights in the United States. Yes, science-themed bar nights.

The Rocky History of Rockers in Videogames: Since those halcyon days of Pong, video games have come out starring everyone from Michael Jackson to Aerosmith to the Thompson Twins. Here’s a screenshot-filled look back at the classics.

World Press Review

Screen Wars: How a spat between Silvio Berlusconi, Rupert Murdoch and Muammar al-Gaddafi almost sparked an international incident.