The Psychology Of Ordering Food Online

Over at Co.Labs, I just wrote a fairly extensive guide to what happens in our brain when we order food online. Long story short? Having a whole menu in front of you and not having to order items over the phone subconsciously encourages you to upsell your order and purchase more food.

An excerpt:

For food items like sandwiches, salads, and nachos, “People discovered toppings they didn’t know we have. We cannot show a menu with all possible scenarios, but we can in touchscreens. We can offer condiment screens, vegetable screens, and a whole bunch of choices people can take their time going through,” Sheetz said. “You find that some people have interesting tastes, thanks to the touchscreen (laughs). They will put mayo on something you and I would never put mayo on. Some of things you add on to a sandwich are free, others are upcharges, which are right on the button—like bacon, cheese. You can easily put that upcharge right on the sandwich. You wonder how people will fit all the things you order onto a roll when it’s volume heavy!”