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Neal Ungerleider is a Chicago-based content strategist specializing in B2B, cybersecurity, and transportation projects.


Standing Out From The Crowd Is Hard Work.

Competing in business--whether you're launching a new product, building a company, or doing any of a million things--isn't easy.  That's where having a good content strategist comes in.

A content strategist isn't exactly a writer, an editor, or a manager. My content strategist projects are designed to build & improve existing marketing, public relations, and internal communications initiatives at a wide range of organizations.

I work with clients to:

  • Develop editorial calendars, generate story ideas & build style guides + internal bibles for corporate magazines, blogs, Medium posts, email marketing campaigns & more.
  • Ghostwrite--ranging from ebooks to newspaper op-eds to magazine articles--for business and tech industry figures. 
  • Conceive & write white papers, ebooks landing pages, social media copy & other content for clients.
  • Teach marketing, sales & clients teams how to work with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Wordpress, Squarespace, and other platforms.
  • Connect organizations with writers, editors, graphic designers & podcasters for internal projects.
  • Consult on all sorts of digital, experiential, social media, and print projects for companies looking for a veteran tech journalist's insights.

About Neal Ungerleider

Thank you, CBS, for the floating drone in the background that one day.

Thank you, CBS, for the floating drone in the background that one day.

Neal Ungerleider is an independent content strategist and writer. Although based in Los Angeles, Neal regularly works with clients worldwide on marketing, content, and communications projects.

Neal's services are based around a simple philosophy: Developing in-house content is hard, but hiring a knowledgable outside expert makes things much easier.

Why work with Neal?  Neal has worked as a journalist over the past decade for Fast Company, Wired, Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, and many other fine publications. He's worked as a senior copywriter at R/GA and as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies and some of the world's largest advertising agencies.

Also: Neal doesn't consult with companies he covers as a journalist. And, no, he can't help your company get coverage in a publication he writes for. But, with that said, he can help your organization create content your audience loves.


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