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Neal Ungerleider is a Los Angeles-based content consultant.

Neal Ungerleider is a Los Angeles-based freelance content strategist and content consultant.

My services are based around a simple philosophy: Developing in-house content is hard, but hiring a knowledgable outside expert (Psst: Me) makes things much easier.

I work with my clients on everything from developing editorial calendars to finding writers to setting up podcasts to developing brand voices and in-house style guides. In other words: I do the complicated things that makes you look good.

Why work with me?  I've worked as a journalist for the past decade for Fast Company, Wired, Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, and many other fine publications. I've worked as a senior copywriter at R/GA. I've worked as a consultant and strategist for Fortune 500 companies and some of the world's largest advertising agencies.

A few words of caution: I don't consult with companies I cover as a journalist. And, no, I won't help your company get coverage in a publication I write for. But I can help you develop your in-house potential and create content your audience loves.

I also like working on experimental projects. Helping develop VR content, video series, and live experiences makes me very happy.

This is fun work. And maybe we can work together.

Here are the options:


I offer by-the-minute consulting through Book a session through the button below for quick, no-fuss advice and insight over the phone.


I work with clients on fun content projects. I'm based in the Los Angeles area, but work with many out-of-town clients via phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, carrier pigeons, and so many other mediums that it's kind of amazing.

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