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Neal Ungerleider is a ghostwriter and copywriter specializing in business leadership, cloud computing, b2b software, and cybersecurity content.


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  • Why VR Matters For Real Estate: The CBRE Group is one of the world’s largest real estate groups, with more than $86 billion in assets. It’s also interested in something most people wouldn’t associate with real estate: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Automation And The World Of Apps: About a year after the first iPhone was released, Apple unveiled something novel: An “App Store” where users could download small software programs, or apps, designed especially for iPhones.
  • How To Save Your Vision In A World Of Perpetual Screen Time: Ride the subway or hop on a plane, and most of the people around you will be staring at their phones.



  • Apps In The Age Of Alexa: There’s a whole new app store designers need to think about. Amazon’s Alexa directory has more than 10,000 free-to-download “skills” (or apps, as everyone else calls them).


Ghostwriting & Copywriting


Neal Ungerleider is a Los Angeles-based ghostwriter and copywriter specializing in b2b technology, cybersecurity, and business leadership content.

My recent projects include ghostwritten books for tech industry CEOs, white papers for Fortune 500 corporations, and video scripts for Tier 1 automakers.

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