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During my time at Forbes Traveler from 2007-2009, I wrote original content about travel, food, and gambling that was syndicated by partners like NBC and Yahoo!. This means that in the course of journalism I ate a hamburger that cost more than $100; for the record, it was pretty delicious--but not as good as my local diner.

11 Classic American Dishes: Or how cheesesteaks and deep dish pizza became part of our cultural patrimony. (Mirror)

America's Most Expensive Hamburgers: Written shortly before the 2008 economic crash, this is a fascinating look at the concept of hamburgers as status markers.

Extreme July Fourth Meals: Why backyard cookouts matter.

America's Classic Bars: The most iconic bars in our 50 states, from shot-and-a-beer workingman's hangouts to the House of Representatives' martini spot.

The World’s Best Steakhouses: A lovingly written guide to steakhouses and the many cultural variations thereof.

The World’s Best New Casinos: From Macao to Singapore to… Windsor, Ontario? Yes.

Amusement Parks: VIP Style: How to beat the crowds and ride a Segway through Walt Disney World… or just climb a massive roller coaster, loops and all.