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  • Syria (05/27/11): Why has it been more difficult to report on the anti-government protests in Syria than in other north African countries?

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  • What You Post On Facebook Could Impact Your Credit Score (06/05/13): We’ve found yet another reason to be wary of what you post on Facebook. Potential employers, college admissions officers and vigilant parents are among the entities that monitor the personal information, photos, and links we choose to share on social media.

  • Matchmaking For Medical Research (12/11/12): Dating sites like E-Harmony and use complex math to bring people together. Now, a project funded by the Michael J. Fox foundation is leveraging similar matchmaking algorithms to link people with Parkinson’s disease to appropriate clinical trials. 

  • Stop And Frisk App (06/13/12): The New York Civil Liberties Union is launching the stop and frisk watch app, to monitor police stops and, as they put it, hold the N.Y.P.D. accountable for any misconduct.

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  • "Space Lawyer" Is A Real Occupation (08/11/12):  It turns out that lawyers are already working on determining who owns what in space, who's liable if space tourism goes wrong (yikes), and how to regulate mining operations on other planets. 

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  • Iran's Halal Internet (11/03/12): A conversation about internet censorship in Iran, efforts to build a national intranet, and why authoritarian governments hate a lack of censorship.