SAP The Digitalist Cover Story

This was fun: Co-wrote the cover story to SAP's in-house magazine for Fall 2017 with SAP executive co-authors Bernd Leukert, Björn Goerke, Volker Hildebrand, and Sethu M.

From the description: "How are traditional businesses are becoming technology revolutionaries? Business platforms let companies outside of the technology world become powerful tech players, unleashing a torrent of innovation that they could never produce on their own. Powering this movement are application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs), which enable developers to easily plug their apps into a platform without having to know much about the complex software code that drives it."

Saying Goodbye To Penny

Penny, my five-year-old pug, passed away unexpectedly. Why am I posting this on a blog? Well... it's simple: She was a huge part of my work life.

Penny slept by my feet while I worked from home (she'd get offended if I worked in my home office without her), broke the ice with new contacts and clients, and charmed her way into the hearts of hundreds by strategically butting in to Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime calls as appropriate.

An adorable, attention-hungry pug can charm a skeptical CEO or an overworked editor like few other creatures on this earth.

She was an absolutely terrible intern--she couldn't file papers well or sort my Excel forms--but she was the life of the office. Penny is gone after a brief, brave battle with a disease she didn't even show symptoms for. We're so lucky to have had her and to have loved and been loved by her.

She's now chasing skateboards and eating steak in Valhalla. Love the hell out of your pets, people.