About Neal

Neal Ungerleider is a writer and content strategist specializing in work with B2B, cybersecurity and biotech clients.

Neal brings more than 15 years of writing experience in marketing communications/marcom, brand communications and journalism.

In his consulting career, he has developed high-profile projects for clients including Microsoft, SAP, and IBM, and ghostwritten op-eds published in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and other publications.

Before entering the consulting world, Neal was a journalist for Fast Company magazine specializing in coverage of emerging technology (cybersecurity, self-driving cars, biotech, space travel). He has also written for the Los Angeles Times op-ed section, Wired, Esquire, and Foreign Policy.

Neal specializes in storytelling, brainstorming, and helping clients share their narratives with the world. He works with both in-house and agency clients.

Pricing & Services

Because every project matters, Neal wants to make sure his clients love his work. This means he dedicates 100% to each project.

As a result, pricing varies per project. Quotes take into account research and writing time required, client’s timeframe for project, revision rounds required, scope of project, and other factors.

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Content Consulting: Retainer or hourly-based consulting for marketing, public relations, and internal communications initiatives. Services include brainstorming topics for keynote speeches, developmental editing of books and manuscripts, developing editorial and social media calendars, training writers/podcasters/social media teams, and improving editorial workflows.

Price Estimate: Retainers starting at $1000 monthly, and $125-$250 per hourly engagement.

Internal Reports: Reports for internal use at client’s organization which put Ungerleider’s journalism experience to work examining industry verticals or product/service positioning. Uses include internal strategy, new employee on-boarding, product launches, internal company events, and media/public relations campaigns.

Price Estimate: $5000 to $25000 depending on content, amount of research time required, subject matter, and turnaround time.

Technical Writing: Product or service documentation including specialized financial, biotechnology and enterprise technology content. Technical writing is designed for clear copy, ease of use by end readers, and for meeting client expectations.

Price Estimate: $5000 to $25000 depending on content, amount of research time required, subject matter, and turnaround time.

Books, Case Studies and White Papers: Leverage Neal’s years of experience longform writing for A-list clients. Neal works with partners on white papers, case studies and writing books and e-books. Deliverables are typically used as lead generators, trade show materials, customer support material and inbound marketing tools.

Price Estimate: $2500-$25000 depending on length, topic, amount of research time required, supplemental materials (including graphs and charts), and turnaround time.

Ghostwriting: Speeches, magazine columns, op-eds and thought leadership content (Medium, Forbes, etc.) written on behalf of clients.

Price Estimate: Speeches beginning at $1000, magazine columns and op-eds for $1.50 to $4 per word. Prices vary based upon turnaround time, subject matter, length, and research time.

Book Proposals: Detailed proposals pitching non-fiction books to publishers. Proposals include business arguments for book, detailed establishment of author as subject matter expert, title analysis, marketplace analysis and other essentials.

Price Estimate: $5000 to $25000 depending on content, amount of research time required, subject matter, author availability and turnaround time.

Surveys: Assistance with survey projects via SurveyMonkey and other vendors. Services include audience segmentation, formulating survey questions, and building narratives from survey data.

Price Estimate: $125 to $250 per hour.

Workshops: In-person or remote workshops for teams covering topics including best practices for engaging with tech media, current trends in the technology world, and building social media strategy. Customized 90-minute workshops or longer teaching sessions available as well.

Price Estimate: $250 to $2500 for a 90-minute workshop; longer sessions on per-project basis upon behalf.