Neal Ungerleider

Neal Ungerleider is a reporter for Fast Company and others who believes in telling amazing stories. He serves as a radio/television commentator and appears frequently as a public speaker. 

A resident of New York, Neal is available for freelance work and can always use recommendations for good books to read.

My name is Neal Ungerleider, and I'm a journalist who believes in telling amazing stories. I currently write for Fast Company about emerging technology, and my articles have been published in Slate, Wired, Talking Points Memo, Foreign Policy, and other fine publications. I appear on the radio and do public speaking engagements to talk about how tech is changing our everyday lives. A long time ago, I ran a major food website and handled blogging duties for one of New York's biggest cultural institutions. Then I did a lot of travelling and became fascinated by how technology is changing our daily lives.

I grew up in New York, and still live in this great city. Although the bulk of my reporting these days is on technology and science, I also write about food, travel, international news, and other non-techy topics. I am available for freelance work and consulting. 

Selected articles and video work can be viewed through this homepage; to keep tabs on my latest writings and work follow me through the Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ links at right.

Publicists: I (mostly) love you, but I am not accepting new pitches at this time. If you do pitch me, your pitch will not be read. This means you.

As for everyone else, I can be reached to discuss speaking engagements, freelance work, or for plain ol' fan mail via the Contact link at left.


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