Neal Ungerleider is a Los Angeles-based writer and content strategist.


Because good writing (and video, and podcasts, and apps...) matter.

Neal Ungerleider is a Los Angeles-based content consultant and writer who works with agencies, corporations, and non-profits. Ungerleider has worked on high-profile projects for clients including Microsoft, SAP, and IBM, and has ghostwritten op-eds published in some of the world's best-known newspapers. He writes speeches for clients, offers developmental editing services and builds book proposals, helps clients build editorial strategies, and does lots of other fun things.

Writing under his own name, Ungerleider is a veteran journalist for Fast Company magazine who has also contributed to the Los Angeles Times op-ed section, Wired, Esquire, and Foreign Policy. He still writes quite a bit here and there. Welcome.

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The Fun Stuff


Almost Millions is a personal finance & money management site for the self-employed edited by Neal Ungerleider.


From discussing drones on CBS This Morning to autonomous cars at SXSW, this is where tech is explained to the public in everyday language.

Ghostwriting & COPYWRITING

Work with Neal to develop high quality content for your organization. Need white papers, ghostwritten columns or Medium/blog posts? This is the place.


Articles on cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, big data, ecommerce, and more from six years at Fast Company magazine.


Confused by editorial calendars? Your in-house writers struggling? Landing page chaos? Lost in the weeds podcasting? Neal is here to help.


From op-eds in the Los Angeles Times to longform journalism to articles in Wired and Esquire, there are lots of good things here.

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